Open Barcelona

Dear shogi friends,

We are pleased to invite you to the "I Open Shogi Barcelona" that will be on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of June in Shogi Dojo Barcelona, in the Espai Jove Garcilaso, that is really close to the Metro and Renfe “La Sagrera” station.

Tournament info

The tournament will be of 6 rounds of 30 min and 30 seconds Byoyomi.

We will use the Swiss or the McMahon system depending of the number of participants.

The result will count for your Fesa score.

Registration fee

15€ (Includes sandwitches, snacks and drinks).

Lunch and dinner
For the Saturday’s lunch we will go to a nearby restaurant. To dinner we will go to try…The tapas of Barcelona! If you want to participate, remember to inform us in the registration form. 


Fill the following form


10:00h Registration                                                     10:00h Opening
10:30h First round                                                       
10:30h Fifth round
12:00h Second round                                                   
12:15h Sixth round
14:00h Lunch break                                                    
14:15h Prices
16:30h Third round
18:30h Fourth round
20:30h Tapas!

Registered Players

1AndreiLysenkaBYMinsk Shogi Dojo2 Dan1828
2Lexvan der LubbeNLShogi Club Tokin1 Dan1713
3JonatanRuiz LázaroESShogi Dojo Barcelona1 Kyu1623
4RitchyHöhneNLShogi Club Tokin2 Kyu1564
5Michael HöhneNLShogi Club Tokin4 Kyu1385
6ManuelSimón SubielaESShogi Dojo Barcelona5 Kyu1321
7AlexeiLysenkaBYMinsk Shogi Dojo5 Kyu1255
8EduardBufauESShogi Dojo Barcelona6 Kyu1200
9WillemHesselsNLShogi Club Tokin6 Kyu1148
10Richardvan DalfsenNLShogi Club Tokin7 Kyu1088
11Juan IgnacioDe JuanESShogi Dojo Barcelona1014
12DanielGarciaESShogi Dojo Barcelona10 Kyu928
13AntoniPous GarrigaESShogi Dojo Barcelona762
14LoretoPizarro SilvaNLShogi Club Tokin12 Kyu680
15JasperJungNLShogi Club Tokin541
16DanielArúsESShogi Dojo Barcelona
17MarcNarciso DublanESShogi Dojo Barcelona
18DianaLeivaESShogi Dojo Barcelona
19JordiFluviaESShogi Dojo Barcelona
22JaumePujantellESShogi Dojo Barcelona
23Shin OyaJPShogi Dojo Barcelona
24MarcLópezESShogi Dojo Barcelona


NrName NatGradeELO123456Pts+/-
1OyaShinJP 2157*5+9+6+4+2+3+6 
2van der LubbeLexNL1 Dan1713  16+15+8+9+1-4+529
3ArúsDanielES 1741*12+6+4-7+10+1-4 
4LysenkaAndreyBY2 Dan1816  11+19+3+1-9+2-4-2
5HöhneMichaelNL4 Kyu1385  1-13+15+10-16+8+419
6HöhneRitchyNL2 Kyu1564  21+3-1-12+11+10+49
7LysenkaAlexeyBY5 Kyu1255  8-18+17+3-14+13+412
8FluviaJordiES 1470*7+10+2-0-12+5-3 
9Ruiz LazaroJonatanES1 Kyu1624  17+1-19+2-4-16+3-8
10Brufau DevesaEduardES6 Kyu1205  18+8-20+5+3-6-352
11Garcia PlanesDanielES9 Kyu946  4-14+12-20+6-15+366
12Simón SubielaManuelES5 Kyu1321  3-21+11+6-8-18+36
13HesselsWillemNL6 Kyu1148  14+5-16-17+18+7-3-24
14Narciso DublanMarcES 919*13-11-0+15+7-21+3 
15Ignacio de JuanJuanES 1014  22+2-5-14-17+11-2-15
16Pous GarrigaAntoniES13 Kyu760  2-20-13+21+5-9-2102
17Pizarro SilvaLoretoNL12 Kyu680  9-22+7-13-15-0+223
18PujantellJaumeES 975*10-7-21+19+13-12-2 
19Van DalfsenRichardNL7 Kyu1088  20+4-9-18-0-0-1-4
20LopezMarcES 835*19-16+10-11-0-0-1 
21JungJasperNL 541  6-12-18-16-0+14-117
22MazaLlorençES 1*15-17-0-0-0-0-0

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